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Postponed because of COVID-19

Welcome to Super Hack '20!


in prizes, from 7 categories


attendees from all over Southern California

10 hrs

to build, explore, deploy, and present projects


Our hackathon is free for all registrants

💡 Idea-Driven Learning

Our event teaches participants through experience. We believe that no idea is too crazy, and thus that our participants can truly learn freely through their ideas. Super Hack empowers students to solve the questions that pester their head regardless of how difficult they are.

Flagship Summit '19
Flagship Summit '19
🌎 For everyone

Our event is inclusive - anyone, regardless of their background, will be allowed to pursue their ideas. That's why our event is free and open to every high-school student out there.


March 21, 2020

8:00 AM Check-in
9:00 AM Welcome Ceremony
9:30 AM Teams Formed
10:00 AM Hacking Begins
10:15 AM Workshop I: Intro to Python
11:30 AM Workshop II: Machine Learning
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Make School Workshop
3:30 PM Workshop III: Web Development
5:00 PM Hacking Ends
5:30 PM Judging Begins
6:30 PM Keynote/Dinner
7:30 PM Results/Closing Ceremony
Check In

For the first hour, participants of Super Hack will get their goodies (such as stickers & API codes) as well as the basic rundown of the schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a hackathon?

A hackathon is not a cybersecurity competition, as is often thought - it's an invention marathon in which students come up with ideas and deploy them.

When can I apply?

Registration officially opened December 9, 2020, and you have up until March 14, 2020 to apply. We'll notify you over email whether or not you've been admitted 1-2 weeks after registration closes.

Do I need to know how to code?

Of course not! In fact, we encourage novices to attend too! We'll hold some workshops and demos to get newcomers caught up to speed - many hackathon attendees are new to programming.

Who can attend?

Any high-school student may attend! Unfortunately, parents and teachers may not help students with their projects, though they may contact us to be a mentor.

When and where is it?

Our event's venue will be at the ResMed HQ (9001 Spectrum Center Blvd, San Diego, CA 92123). The hackathon will run from 8AM to 7:30PM on March 21, 2020.

What's the theme?

We'll release the official theme on the day of the event to ensure that all projects are organic. The project must not violate Hack Club's Code of Conduct.

How big can my team be?

Our event allows teams of up to 4 individuals, and participants may work alone though we strongly advise against it.

Do I need an idea beforehand?

Nope - you should have plenty of time during the event to work with others towards finding a cool idea for a project.

Will there be any prizes?

Yes - over $10,000 worth! View our Devpost here for all the current prizes and categories!

I have another question

And we'd be more than happy to answer it. Email us at and we'll address your inquiries.

What do I bring?

You need to bring a computer and a few forms that we'll send to you before the event.


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Run by students at Canyon Crest Academy.

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